2019’s Biggest Design Trends

Catherine Davin
Mar 25, 2019

Curious as to what’s in style this year? We’ve compiled the nine hottest trends in interior design for 2019 to guide you as you craft your perfect space.


Art deco-inspired pieces

Attention is turning away from midcentury contemporary pieces and slowly refocusing on the character and uniqueness offered by antiques—specifically, art deco. Vintage and verified antiques are popping up in homes across the board, no matter the period they’re from, as there has been a resurgence of nostalgia and looking towards the past for inspiration. Art deco is a great way to meet in the middle and balance classic looks with contemporary design.


Health and wellness

Homeowners are looking for ways to prioritize their budgets—and their health. While saving energy and money, many are hoping to use their style to communicate their desire for a healthy home through natural accents and furnishings. Many seek out organic textiles, live plants that renew oxygen in the room, fresh herbs growing in the kitchen, stone, wood and other natural materials.


Matte black accents

Of course, black never goes out of style, and matte black accessories are incredibly versatile. Black accents can help portray glamour, sophistication, and drama while breaking up a monochrome interior; it can also help to create contrast in a room with a lot of natural light and only a few colored pieces.


Sculptural lighting fixtures

A room’s light fixture can make or break the entire space’s design. The recent trend in fixtures has turned toward more sculptural elements to create drama and add a level of sophistication. Light fixtures function as a piece of art that adorns the ceiling, and they can work exceptionally well as an accent piece in a minimalist-inspired room.



Whether it be bold prints on wallpaper or textured cloths, wallcoverings have become increasingly popular; they’re a great way to tie a room together and add that much more of a personal touch. Wallcoverings can also work to bring together multiple individual styles in an appealing design for all.


Mixing metallics

Designers are strong advocates of mix-and-match metals. Combining multiple metals in one style can bring new energy to a design; we go as far as to say that utilizing multiple metallic elements is like adding jewelry to complete an outfit. The different textures and colors of metals can add dimension and personality to a room without making it feel incoherent.


All things hygge

Hygge, originally a Danish and Norwegian word used to describe coziness and contentment, has had a foothold in mainstream home design for a while. In response to the growing requests of clients, designers are choosing to Incorporate concepts into their designs—without sacrificing style. Hygge spaces encourage rest and self-care within the home, and that serene feeling can come from cozy furniture, comforting colors, and calming textures. It can also be produced from the way the furniture itself is arranged; for example, the living room furniture can be placed in such a way that it feels welcoming and promoting conversation and interaction.


Architectural Molding

Proper and beautiful detailing of decorative molding designs are critical in our work. Ceiling beams, trim, decorative panels and cabinetry detailing can be used to draw the eye and establish any design within a space, whether it be modern or traditional.


(tasteful) Rule-breaking

Trends are constantly updating and evolving, which means there’s no rule book when it comes to achieving a contemporary design. That said, there is still a difference between good and bad design; although it’s constantly evolving, there’s a good and a bad way to create a space. Eclectic can look unique and detailed, or it can look messy. An “anything goes” approach isn’t the best way to look at design if you don’t have the ability to curate a look, and not everything you create will be timeless.

Design might feel hard to keep up with, and that’s okay. Luckily, with trend updates and experts aware of emerging styles, you don’t have to be in the dark. If you’re looking to design (or redesign) your space, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help identify your unique style and start crafting your dream home.