5 Things To Consider When Selecting Lighting

Catherine Davin
Apr 1, 2019

Recent surveys have shed some light on what products are most appealing to current and future homeowners, from advanced technologies to modern styles.

Here are the top five things Americans have reported wanting from their lighting products:


They’re energy-conscious

The vast majority of homeowners report that they want to reduce their at-home energy usage. That said, many also report not knowing that lighting controls can help with this goal. Fixtures and products that are eco-friendly and will help owners reduce their own energy use are preferred to those that aren’t sustainable.


They have smart home features

As smart appliances and tech products continue to see an industry boom, homeowners are looking for a way to incorporate technology in every part of their home. Surveys find that smart lighting is one of the top priorities for those looking to create a smart home; more than two-thirds of Americans that are interested in a smart home want to be able to control their lights remotely, whether that be with an app or online.


They’re safe

Of course, parents prioritize safety for the sake of their children, and that includes when considering lighting products. However, very few parents and even fewer Americans, in general, know of the solutions available to them on the market, such as tamper-resistant outlets that mitigate the need to childproof electrical sockets.


The design is appealing

What comes standard in certain homes isn’t necessarily a match to the home owner’s personal taste. Depending on the style of the home and the aesthetic preferences of the homeowners, the choice of a modern sculptural fixture may win over the original prefab recessed lighting; or a dark, edgy ceiling light may be chosen to add more of a modern masculine scheme to a space that previously featured a more glamorous and feminine chandelier.


The design matches budget

Homeowners prioritize certain improvements over others, creating an itemized budget that reflects their preferences. Between personal design choices and different options for automation, lighting choices can often be scaled up or down, and priced accordingly in order to accommodate the homeowner’s proposed budget.

The answers to what homeowners want aren’t too shocking; they want technology, they want modernity, they want style, and they want it at a price they can afford. Lighting products have an opportunity to make a huge difference in the home, from the way they tie into smart home features to the way they enhance a house’s overall design and visual appeal, and it seems homeowners are starting to take note of their importance and all they can offer. Overwhelmed by all you’re looking for and what’s available on the market? Contact us at Davin Interiors to discuss all your design and home needs.