Think Spring!

It's taken a long time....but finally feels like spring weather will arrive soon.  As much as I love my chunky sweaters and Doc Marten boots, I'm happy to put them away and break out the spring clothes! Spring Outfit

I didn't even mind missing the hour of sleep when we moved clocks ahead a couple weeks ago.



I'm so energized this time of year....I actually do feel like leaping into the air!

Blog.March11.Spring.Leap (1)

I always get a spurt of energy to start some spring cleaning projects. I'm going to start this year with a few little spruce up projects in the kitchen. My kitchen is painted a sunny yellow color that's always cheerful, but it really needs some organizing and refreshing.



It seems that many others fell the same inspiration - our phones have been ringing with new clients wanting to start interior design projects in Pittsburgh!