First Impressions: The Foyer


  If you’re building a new home, you’re likely envisioning that special moment when you invite guests over for the first time to experience your new space. First impressions matter, even with your home, so the foyer is an area that can really set the tone for the whole home experience – for guests and for you and your family.



Your foyer not only welcomes people into your home but introduces your home’s personality. It’s an opportunity to embrace your style – whether it’s your love of nature or your attachment to sleek and chic. Beyond the practical need for a place to come in, greet, remove shoes, and hang jackets, the foyer can introduce your home with panache. As you work with your designer, consider the elements that can take your foyer from simple entry-way to awe-inspiring:

  • Use light and mirrors to make the space feel open and inviting
  • Choose an accessory or piece of furniture that adds interest to the room
  • Artwork can add to the appeal of the foyer area
  • Blend the design of the foyer with the rooms it leads to


Inspiration from Davin Interiors projects:




When designing your foyer, all you need to do is answer this question: What kind of mood do you want to set when people walk through the door into your home?

Home Stratosphere has 45 fabulous visuals to inspire your foyer design.

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