‘Fall’ for a Stylish Fire Pit

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting around a fire on a chilly fall night? Fire pits add an inviting aura to an outdoor space, with not only the warm enveloping feel, but also the welcoming vibe. Fires are best enjoyed with the company of others. I personally think they’re best for spending time with family and friends and a glass of wine or watching kids enjoy the simplicity of a delicious, toasty s’more. Gathering around a fire pit with the ones you love is more than just something to do – it’s an activity where memories can be made.


Photo via HGTV.com

There are four things that you need to have for a fantastic fire pit.

  1. Do Your Research

There are a few different options when it comes to fire pits, so be sure to do your research when choosing what’s best for you and your space. There’s wood burning, propane, gel fuel and natural gas, for example. Each has a specific way the fire pit should be both built and maintained. Weigh your pros and cons before deciding which type to choose, and start there!


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  1. Great, Comfortable Seating

Of course, no one wants to stand around a fire pit! When you’re setting up your fire pit, look for chairs that are both weatherproof and have a comfortable slope to them. Avoid anything that’s sharp and boxy – unless the seat cushions are plush and cozy. Guests should feel like they’re lounging inside by a fireplace – but with the benefit of a sky full of stars.


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Photo via Impressive Interior Design

  1. Make It Cozy

Give each chair a stylish throw pillow and a cozy blanket so guests feel even more at home. This little addition will make the scene even more laid-back, casual and inviting – which is exactly what a fire pit is about!


Photo via One Kings Lane


Photo via Décor Pad

  1. Style Your Space

Treat the fire pit as an outdoor space by styling the area around it. You can add versatile outdoor furniture such as ceramic garden stools or wooden side tables to add a place for cocktails or snacks to rest. Accessorize with potted plants, chic tiki torches, and more. The fire pit is an extension of your house, and it should flow with the rest of your decor.


Photo via DIY Network

Will you be enjoying a fire pit this fall? I sure hope I will!

- Cathy