Living in a Winter Wonderland


img_5414.jpgWith snowy white landscapes covering many parts of the country, it's easy to feel inspired by the crisp clean coloring of a fresh snowfall. It's the perfect time of year to cozy up and hibernate, and often what's happening outside can reflect the look indoors. White on white design can sometimes get a bad rap for being too cold, too stark, and not conducive to actually living. Although at Davin Interiors we do enjoy bringing in color - whether it be a fresh pop or a dark hue for contrast - we can certainly appreciate the beauty in a wonderfully textured and layered white design. We loved how this modern lake house design in Lake Keowee, SC turned out. The wood warms up the space while the white creates a fresh, crisp palette.

img_5412.jpgPhoto via Davin Interiors

One of the amazing things about color is that there is a seemingly never-ending variety of options - and believe it or not, this is true for white, too. White can skew warm to ivory or cool to a more gray hue. Depending on the hue and tone, you could have a number of different whites that all feel different from one another - even if just slightly.


To successfully apply this notion and create a winter wonderland of design, the key is layering. Layer colors, layer texture, layer pattern, and layer style to deliver a winter-white space worthy of getting snowed-in.


There's something refreshing and calming about a neutral room with plush furniture that effortlessly invites you in to stay a while.

Could you see yourself living in a winter white world?