Closet Design: Make It Luxurious & Practical

Catherine Davin
Apr 8, 2015

Deciding what to wear on a daily basis is much like cooking. When you have to do it, it becomes a chore. But show me a great sale or a designer outlet mall, and suddenly picking out an outfit becomes great retail therapy…just like cooking for a dinner party or holiday is a much more enjoyable experience than getting dinner on the table night after night. So what's the common denominator? Making the mundane fun! The key to making getting dressed fun is to turn your closet into a boutique shopping-like experience. Here are five ways to accomplish it:


Turn your fashion into displays

You don’t have to be Carrie Bradshaw to turn your shoe collection into a work of art. You can organize shoes by color, style, or season and make them the focal point of your closet. Glass doors let you showcase what you want while keeping out dust.


Turn it into your favorite boutique.

Closets aren’t just for storage. Custom closets are complete dressing rooms. Think about your favorite boutique. What do you love about it? Most have three way mirrors so you can view your outfit from all angles. Many have comfortable seating. Add a vanity and turn your closet into your own personal boutique. Don’t forget about style! An eye-catching rug and stylish upholstered ottomans can extend the master bedroom’s décor into the dressing room.


It's all about lighting!

As with your favorite boutique, lighting is important. You want flattering lighting, but may need brighter lights if you’re putting on makeup or organizing. A combination of recessed lighting and a beautiful fixture or chandelier is the best of both worlds. And if you really want to showcase your fashions, in-cabinet lighting.


Install an island

Closet islands do double duty as a dresser and a tabletop for jewelry and accessories. And a bonus feature of the island is that you can free up valuable real estate in the master bedroom to create a reading nook in place of dressers.


Organize and color-coordinate

Keeping your closet organized not only makes it more beautiful, it actually can prove to reduce stress. If you color coordinate clothing or organize by type (trousers, dresses, skirts, shirts), you’ll be able to “shop” your closet each day to find an outfit. To keep it looking like it belongs in the pages of InStyle, make sure and use stylish hangers that are all the same type.

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