Digital Course

Design Your Space Workshop

Design your own customized room with the guidance of the experts. Follow along as we help you find inspiration, map out your unique design scheme and show you where and how to shop for those perfect pieces.


Course Overview

Our 2-hour, self-paced digital workshop empowers you with the confidence to design your own space – one that’s totally reflective of you and how you want to live. We walk you through each step of our proven design process, ensuring you finish this course with a well-informed, well-designed plan that’s aligned with you and your budget, your style and your needs.

What You’ll Gain From This Course

  • Clear vision of your design style, based on your needs, your lifestyle, and your home.
  • Defined plan for your space, including a moodboard, color palette and scaled furniture layout.
  • Ability to mix and match patterns like a professional, plus insider secrets on styling accessories.
  • Comprehensive list of everything you need to complete your design, including where and how to shop for furniture and accessories.
  • Confidence and pride in truly completing the design of your space.

Your Expert Guide

Crafted by Alexandra and Catherine Davin, this course draws from their many years of experience and insights. Alexandra, as your lead instructor, shares practical knowledge from her background in the interior design industry, using their tried-and-true process from their own projects at Davin Interiors.

Is This Course Right for Me?

We hope so, because we want to work with you! But our Design Your Space Workshop isn’t for everyone, so let’s make sure it’s a fit first. This course was built for people who…
  • Need expert guidance to navigate the home design process, but aren’t planning to hire a full-service interior designer.
  • Value their home’s design and will put in the time, energy and effort to work through each course module (even if they are a total beginner).
  • Would prefer to purchase furniture and decor directly from retailers, versus custom options through an interior designer.
  • Are ready to invest in their home’s design, but want to make sure they’re doing the “right thing” – for budget, quality, and style.


“The hands-on demonstrations in this course were a game-changer. Watching a professional go through the process first made it easier to tackle my own project.”



“This course is amazing. Before enrolling, my house always looked unfinished, as hard as I tried to make it right. But, I followed the Davin Interiors process outlined in the course, and now I'm completely obsessed with my home. Thank you!”


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