Elevating Your Walk-In Closet For The Master Suite

Catherine Davin
Apr 30, 2019

Your closet can be an excellent place for organization, inspiration, and storage—or it can be a total mess and source of stress. Upping your closet game can help you feel more put together and satisfied with your overall space while adding to your home’s value and storage capacity. Unsure of the closet trends or how to go about redesigning? Check out these tips and trends for putting your walk-in closet to use and making it a room you’re excited to get ready in every morning.

Use Shelves and Cubicles

A good closet incorporates a wide variety of storage accommodations. Cubicles are great to store and display hats and purses, while vertical shelves are the perfect place to store your shoes, or other closet staples. A well-rounded closet has both great design and storage capabilities.

Add Drawers

Aiding the minimalist bedroom trend, a walk-in closet is an excellent opportunity to get rid of that bulky dresser and keep your entire wardrobe in one place. Drawers in your closet are great to free up space in the main room and make it easier to get ready because all your clothes are at your fingertips.

To be even more organized, use drawer dividers to keep all your shirts, pajamas, and socks neat and easily accessible.

Divide the Space in Two

If the master bedroom is for two people, the master closet should be, too. Although two may need different amounts of space or types of storage, make his & her sides to organize clothes based on individual needs. This helps to mitigate problems when, say, one person has more jackets than another, or can’t remember where their partner keeps putting their t-shirts.

Have Tiers for your Clothing Racks

If you don’t have two-tiered clothing racks, you may be wasting a lot of valuable space. Adding another rack doubles your storage space. If you still need a section for longer items and two-tiered racks won’t work, try installing a few drawers or cubicles along the ground instead, so you’re still taking advantage of empty areas.

Bring in a Mirror

Now that all your clothes are safely stored inside the closet, you may want to bring in a mirror so you can try on your outfits and swap pieces easily. It saves time and energy, and a mirror can be a great decorative piece that makes the room feel bigger.

Store Your Jewelry

Accessories are part of a finished look, too; where better to have them than in the closet? Use built-in shelves, wall hooks, jewelry boxes, thin drawers or decorative jewelry displays to organize all your pieces. Fit your jewelry storage to match the look of the rest of the closet. If you prefer to have most things out of sight, keep your jewelry in a box or drawer. If you need a little sparkle or personal touch, feel free to leave it out.

Opt for Glass Doors

What to do with those formal pieces that we rarely wear? They either end up dusty and wrinkled from being crammed into a corner, or they hang as an eyesore in a bulky garment bag.

Install glass doors over your rack of special occasion clothes to add a touch of style and sleekness to your closet. That way, they add to the look and feel of the place without getting in the way of your day-to-day outfits.

Hang a Chandelier

Whether you want a statement piece that’s full glam, or a simple and sleek fixture that adds a touch of elegance, a chandelier heightens the luxurious feel of your closet.

Use a Built-in Hamper

A revamped closet isn’t going to look impressive if there’s still plastic clothes hamper in the middle of the floor. Built-in hampers hide the mess while remaining easily accessible.

Add Dimension with Back Wall Accents

Like a chandelier, a back wall accent is a small change that can bring in a lot of style. Consider a bold paint coat, wood paneling, or even wallpaper to make your closet pop.

Bring in a Few Stylish Touches

A fuzzy rug, tufted ottoman, or a bold-patterned piece can help bring your in-style closet to fruition. It also adds a touch of comfort and personality to a traditionally purely functional room.

Your closet doesn’t have to be a mess hoarded behind closed doors. It can be an organized, luxurious space you look forward to entering every morning and night. Are these pointers not enough for you to feel comfortable designing your space? Davin Interiors can match your style and vision and create a beautiful, revamped walk-in closet.