Essential Guest Room Ideas

Catherine Davin
Dec 17, 2014

One of the biggest challenges in a home is bedroom interior design, because not only does it need to look good, it needs to FEEL good. You spend more time in the bedroom than any other room in the house! The same thought should go you’re designing your guest room. When designing a guest room, think back to your favorite hotel for inspiration instead of your home bedroom. A luxury hotel room caters to travelers rather than dwellers, so modeling your room décor ideas after a luxury hotel room will make your guests feel comfortable, while providing all of the necessities that they will need while they aren't in their own home.

Guest Bedroom Interior Design

These five essential guest room ideas will ensure that everyone will feel comfortable:

Guest Beds: Not Too Hard, Not Too Soft

I always think of Goldilocks when it comes to picking out a mattress. Is it too soft? Too firm? To get it “just right” do what hotel chains have mastered with their “dream beds” and “heavenly beds”. Pick a mattress that’s on the firmer side, with a memory foam pillow-top. This provides firm support, but is plush enough to feel cozy and will be the best way to cater to everyone’s preference.

Choose a bed that’s not too high off the ground, but not a low platform bed. Pillows are another dilemma as some people prefer fluffy down pillows while others like firm dense pillows. Play it safe by providing both kinds of pillows to your guests.

Decor: Don’t Go Overboard

A guest bedroom isn’t the place to go over the top. Bedroom interior design is a mix of style and comfort. Colors need to be welcoming and calming, so this isn’t the room you should choose to make a colorful statement wall.

Accessories need to be well thought out too. You wouldn’t want to make a guest feel bad because they’ve knocked over an expensive vase and broken it, so keep valuable accessories in other rooms of the house. Guest rooms should be accessorized, but not at the expensive of valuable real estate, which comes to my next point…furniture.

Extras: Guest Room Furniture

One of the great things about hotels is that there is always a lot of space on night stands, dressers and desks for all of the accouterments that come out of our pockets and purses when we travel. A guest room should offer the same space for guests to keep pocket change, wallets, cell phones, jewelry, books, and magazines.

The dresser should always be lined with paper and empty so that your guests can unpack their clothes in a clean spot to keep their room tidy and store their things out of sight.

A foldable luggage rack is also essential so guests don’t have to leave their suitcase on the floor while unpacking it, or so they don’t put their suitcase the clean bedding while they unpack it.

A coat valet is another great piece for guest rooms because it allows guests to hang clothes to prevent wrinkles.

If there’s room for a desk, keep it simple and sleek, with a desk or task light and one drawer for pencils, pens, and a note pad.

A floor length mirror is another must-have for guests, particularly if the guest bath is not en suite. If there’s room, a vanity is another option to provide guest the convenience of getting dressed and groomed in their room.

I love designing bedrooms because it’s the homeowner’s sanctuary…where you spend your most intimate, unguarded, and restful moments. When designing your new home, create that ambiance for each member of the family and do the same for your guest room.