Great Grilling: 4th of July Recipes

Catherine Davin
Jul 1, 2015

The 4th of July is Saturday, and it’s possibly the biggest grilling day of the year. Whether you’re feeding hamburgers and hotdogs to the masses or spending eight hours lovingly smoking melt-in-your-mouth ribs, these side dishes will complement. If you’re planning to enjoy your outdoor living space, why not try some of these fabulous recipes?

German Potato Salad 

3 lbs. of new potatoes 1lb. bacon Yellow and red onion Salt and pepper 2 tbsp. Dijon mustard ½ cup apple cider vinegar ¼ cup dry white wine

  1. Boil potatoes until they are soft enough to pierce with a fork, then set aside.
  2. Fry bacon in a deep skillet until it is very crisp. Remove the bacon from the pan.
  3. Sautee yellow and red onions in the bacon fat until brown. Add vinegar, mustard, wine, salt, and pepper. Bring to a boil. Add potatoes and half the bacon and heat through.
  4. Transfer to a serving dish, crumble the remaining bacon over the top. Serve warm.

If you’re already cooking bacon, why not try this delicious baked bean recipe from Pioneer Woman, too?

Grilled Corn on the Cob

Ears of corn Butter Salt and pepper

Do not husk the corn. Instead, peel back the husk and put a teaspoon of butter and a pinch of salt and pepper on each corn cob. Reclose the husk and place on the grill for around 30 minutes. For a little variety, try this bacon-wrapped corn on the cob from AllRecipes.

Red, White, and Blue Desert

It’s cool, refreshing, easy, and can be made in advance, making it the perfect Independence Day dessert.

2 lbs. strawberries 2 lbs. blueberries 1 large container of whipped cream

Slice strawberries. Using a clear glass bowl, layer strawberries, whipped cream, and blueberries 2-3 layers deep to create a sweet, light, and delicious patriotic dessert the kids and adults will love.

What are your favorite summer grilling recipes?