Holiday Home Prep – Now’s the Time!

Catherine Davin, ASID
Sep 3, 2020

In the heat of the summer, it's hard to believe that the holiday season is just a few weeks away. But, now is the ideal time to start prepping your home for the upcoming festivities. This year, more of us will be celebrating at home, surrounded by our closest family and friends. You deserve to enjoy that special time in a space that makes you feel rested and fulfilled.

It’s safe to say that the 2020 holiday season will be unlike any other. We may swap tropical vacations and large holiday parties for cozy, intimate family time at home. Start your home improvement projects now – from updating guest room furnishings to renovating a formal dining room – to make sure they’re complete for the holidays.

If you’re planning to update your interior, it’s important reach out to your designer right away. Ensure everything you need gets ordered and delivered early to avoid the holiday rush. Plus, starting early only builds the excitement and anticipation for the wonderful holiday season.

Prepare your guest room

With the uncertainty of the pandemic, this winter’s health and safety guidelines are still unclear. Out-of-town family or guests may want to avoid a hotel stay, and opt to stay in the comfort of your home. Refresh your guest room now, whether that encompasses an entire makeover or just updating a few key pieces of furniture. With lead times for customization, shipping, or scheduling, it’s highly recommended to place furniture orders or line up craftspeople now.


Refresh cozy spaces in your home

The guest room isn’t the only space that needs some love. Update other rooms or communal areas for holiday use, like your formal dining room or a cozy reading nook. With more online shopping, holiday season 2020 may also call for a “quarantine room”, where your Amazon packages can spend a decontamination day before they’re opened. Or perhaps you’ll want to transform your mudroom into a “Costco room” to stash extra home supplies or holiday gifts. Get creative with the space you have and switch up their purposes as needed.

Image courtesy of Carl Hansen & Son.

Make it feel like a holiday vacation

Just because you may not be jetting off to a tropical or snowy getaway for the holidays, doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you’re on vacation. Cultivate a vacation vibe at home – deck the halls in holiday decor, serve dinner on the fine china or get dressed up for an at-home cocktail party. Enjoy the slower pace of cozy time at home.