Home Office: Blend Beauty + Business

Catherine Davin, ASID
Sep 2, 2020

With the onset of the pandemic, working from home has quickly become our new normal – and likely will be for the foreseeable future. It's never been a better time to create a home office space that stimulates productivity and inspiration. We're sharing a few tips to design a luxury home office that blends both beauty and business.

Create a designated workspace

When you work from home, the lines between work and play can blur. And while working from the sofa can be tempting, setting up a designated workspace will help to make that clear distinction. If you don’t have a separate room to utilize, find a nook or corner in your home to transform into your official workspace.

Find a supportive chair

Good posture is essential, not just for productivity but for overall well-being. With more time at your home office desk, a comfortable chair is essential. Find one with an ergonomic design that correctly supports your lower back, neck, and shoulders. In our office, we love our Herman Miller Aeron and Eames chairs.

Image courtesy of Herman Miller.

Soundproof your space

With so many virtual meetings (hello, Zoom!) on the calendar, a soundproof office has never been more important. If you’re building a brand new space or elevating your existing office, consider adding extra installation to eliminate excess background noise. Or, for a simpler upgrade, add a coat of soundproof paint to your home office walls. Soundproofing helps to minimize distractions and make concentration much easier.

Make it visually stimulating

Staring at a computer all day isn’t exactly visually appealing. That’s why I love incorporating pieces of artwork or live plants in my office. It provides an escape for your eyes when they need a break from the blue light. Our environment significantly impacts our attitude. Create a space that makes you feel energized, motivated, and excited to get to work.

Light it up

Lighting is a key element in a luxurious home office. It sets the ambiance for the room, plus, it will ensure you look well-lit on camera for video meetings. Natural light is the most flattering – if possible, set up your desk near a window. If natural light isn’t an option, ditch the harsh fluorescent lights and opt for energy-friendly LED bulbs. Take your self-care a step further with the innovative Lumi Light Bulbs from BLUblox. which eradicates the blue light spike that causes eyestrain and headaches.

Image courtesy of BLUblox.com.

Set up a Zoom-friendly background

Remote work gives a whole new audience access to your home’s interior… through the computer screen! Consider how you’re presenting your space during video meetings.  Make sure your background isn’t too busy or cluttered. Showcase a statement piece of artwork or a gallery wall. Add fresh flowers in a gorgeous crystal vase behind you. You’re giving your colleagues a peek into your beautiful home – you should feel proud to show it off.

Create storage space

Be proactive about storage from the get-go to keep your space and mind clear. Remember that this is your home office, so no need to settle for boring filing cabinets. Get creative with your storage solutions! Think about options like built-in bookcases or open shelving to show off your accessories.

Tuck away the wires

One simple pro tip that takes your home office from chaos to calm – manage your wires. Technology wires can quickly get out of hand, making your the space (and mind!) feel messy and cluttered. Luckily, tons of handy tools and wire management solutions can help get them under control and keep your home office looking great.

Get creative with decor

You have permission to get creative with the design of your home office. It doesn’t necessarily have to match the decor of the rest of your home. Try a bold, eye-catching wallpaper, or experiment with different color palettes. Mix in different textures to add warmth, dimension, and coziness. This is your chance to have some fun, so don’t be afraid to break the rules.