Hotel Highlights: The Hotel Lungarno in Florence

Catherine Davin
May 20, 2020

Since the start of the quarantine, I've felt even more wanderlust than usual. I'm living vicariously through my past-self, revisiting memories of beloved trips over the years. In case you're feeling the same sense of globe-trotting greed, explore the marvelous interiors of my favorite hotels.

My first hotel feature is the Hotel Lungarno in Florence, Italy, where my family and I traveled a few years back. My youngest daughter had just completed a semester abroad in Rome, and we took a detour on the way home to explore beautiful Tuscany. And what a place to experience the beauty of the region! The Hotel Lungarno is perched along the Arno River (hence, the name!), just steps from the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge.

The Hotel Lungarno was the first property opened by the Ferragamo family, as part of their luxurious Lungarno Collection in Florence and Rome. Visitors may dine at the Michelin-star Borgo San Jacopo or enjoy a late-afternoon Chianti at the riverside Picteau Lounge. A stay at the hotel also doubles as a museum visit – the lavish interiors boast original works by Picasso, Cocteau and other master artists.

With only 65 total rooms, the hotel maintains a boutique-vibe, even in the center of the city. Guests can easily walk to popular sites like the Duomo cathedral, the Uffizi Gallery, or my favorite, the Galleria dell’Accademia to see Michaelangelo’s Davide. But after a day of exploration, it sure is lovely to return back to the stunning Hotel Lungarno to recharge, and to enjoy a nightcap!

Enjoy an afternoon drink on the lounge, overlooking the Arno River and the Ponte Vecchio.

The hotel displays 400+ pieces of art from masters like Picasso and Cocteau.

Relax in the hotel’s welcoming lobby after a day of exploring the city.

Try the tasting menu at the Michelin star Borgo San Jacopo restaurant for a meal you won’t forget.

Handsome navy velvet is featured throughout the hotel’s interior.

Wake up to picturesque views of the Arno River.

Even in magnificent Florence, it’s hard to leave this hotel.

And as any parent of teenage daughters will know – no matter how elegant your surroundings or how high the thread count – you’re bound to find mischief like this!

All images courtesy of The Hotel Lungarno (except Robert Pattinson).