Make Sure Your Home Redesign Includes A Modern Man Cave

Catherine Davin
Oct 19, 2014

Create The Ultimate Man Cave

The den of yesteryear has become the man cave of today. In fact many custom home builders are building a room into the blueprints specifically for the man of the house to have a place he won't want to leave—and they are hardwiring it for all the possibilities!

What if you’re thinking about turning an existing room in your home into a man cave that will be the envy of your friends? You’ll want to make sure you have a good plan in place before running out and buying a big screen TV and leather club chairs. A stylish and modern man cave deserves so much more thought!

Design and Layout:

First think about your (or your guy’s) interests. Are you a collector? If so, then custom shelving units can be built to display your valuables and protect them from dust and oxidation and provide the right level of humidity to preserve them for years to come.

If you’re not a collector, you know doubt have a certain level of style or sophistication that you’d like to emulate…perhaps from your favorite men’s social club, golf clubhouse, or hotel. The right furniture—whether it’s supple leather to emulate a gentlemen’s social club, or custom fabric theater seats for a luxury historic theater vibe—can make the room pop. Many stores that specialize in home theater seating don’t offer the custom options that an interior designer can pull together to fit your individual style.

The layout will depend on the size of the room and the purposes of the man cave. If it’s strictly a home theater, then the layout is fairly straightforward. However, if you want to use it as a billiard room, wet bar, poker room or other activities, a well thought out blueprint from the beginning is invaluable to create the right flow, design and efficiency for the design of your man cave. If you collect fine wines, a wine cellar or wine storage system could be tucked away.


If you’re installing surround sound to make your man cave serve as a home theater, you’ll need to make sure your interior designer understands the acoustic elements. Hard surfaces tend to make sound echo, so depending on the sound system, an experienced interior designer can choose wall coverings, flooring, and other elements that provide excellent acoustics, while minimizing sound in other adjoining rooms.


Most man caves are set up to serve as a home theater, at least part of the time. If yours is a multi-purpose room, you’ll want to find the right window coverings that provide light when you want it with the ability to block daylight. The ultimate man cave solution is to fit the windows with room darkening automatic blinds that create a theater at the touch of a button. A touch screen lighting system can control the perfect programmable lighting for every purpose of the room.

Your modern and stylish man cave can be as sophisticated as the rest of your home and can serve multiple entertainment purposes for the entire family. But fair warning, you may be the go-to entertainment venue for all of your friends.