Your Owner’s Bath: A Self-Care Sanctuary

Catherine Davin, ASID
Jun 23, 2020

Even before the pandemic, the interior design industry was steadily shifting towards more health-conscious products and materials. From green home elements to organic textiles, sustainable living is not a new concept in home construction and design. 

But now, with all eyes on holistic wellness, these innovations are even more important. Not only are we spending more time in the home, but we’re collectively thinking more about our health, both mentally and physically.

Your home should be a safe place to relax and recharge, with dedicated areas that help to support your self-care. In particular, manufacturers in the kitchen & bath space are delivering some pretty amazing options to up-level your at-home wellness regimen.

We’ve shared a few of our favorite health-conscious innovations for your owner’s bath below. What’s even better – these products will boost both the mind and the body.

Image courtesy of Dornbracht.

Dornbracht Water Therapy Treatments

Borrowing from the Kneipp Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dornbracht created a line of products that leverage the benefits of water therapy. The shower solutions are designed to improve physical ailments, like back, neck, or knee pain, and to strengthen the immune system and blood circulation. Imagine a luxurious full-body massage every time you step into the shower.


Image courtesy of Moen.

Moen Aromatherapy Handshowers

This line of handshowers from Moen infuses your favorite spa scents directly into your shower’s waterflow. With capsules that resemble a Nespresso coffee pod, you can select from 4 essential oils to add a bit more luxury to your routine. Each scent provides a different benefit, from an energizing citrus to a relaxing lavender.


Image courtesy of Perelick.

Refrigerated Vanity Drawers

Add a mini-fridge or a refrigerated drawer in your bathroom. Chill products like face-masks or serums, store cool towels, or keep a hydrating coconut water on-hand. Luxury manufacturers like Thermador and Perlick offer under-counter drawers perfect your bathroom vanity.


Image courtesy of Boll & Branch via Instagram.

Natural & Organic Finishes

Use organic materials and finishes in bathroom design. Natural elements like marble and limestone are so luxurious, yet functional. Their impervious surfaces are easy to wipe clean. Try a live plant in your bathroom to add a lovely fragrance and aid with air filtration. Or, switch out your soft goods with organic options. We love the collection of towels, rugs, shower curtains and robes from Boll & Branch, made from sustainable raw materials.


Image courtesy of Toto USA.

Toto Flotation Tub with Zero Dimension®

Toto introduced the world’s first zero-gravity bathtub, which helps to aid in relaxation and pain relief. The at-home chamber mimics the same technology used by flotation spas. Eliminate fatigue, promote calmness, and recharge your body.