Refresh and Organize for the New Year

Catherine Davin
Jan 21, 2015

Happy New Year!

I know many people make resolutions to make major changes in the New Year. I like to think of it as a time to review what worked for me in the previous year, and what I can improve on.

One of my goals is to be more organized and simplify my life. I intend to make more time in my life to relax and schedule downtime. I’m spending time this month scheduling personal appointments for the first 6 months of the year, planning and scheduling vacations with my family and interior design business conferences. I also intend to be more realistic about how much I can accomplish in one day.

January is flying by and we’re excited to be working on some exciting new projects in 2015. While many of the modern interior design projects are new homes in Western Pennsylvania, there are several redesign projects. The goal we have for all of our clients is to create the most functional livable space that is equally stylish and works for their specific lifestyle.

I think the New Year brings so much promise when we look forward and it gives us a reason to make a fresh start. I’ve come up with a few tips that you can use to refresh your space and minimize clutter at home:

  • Rather than rushing out and buying lots of plastic bins to organize “stuff”, why not take a hard look at what you plan to put in all those bins first? Perhaps you don’t need/want/like much of the stuff and can donate and won’t even need the bins.
  • Take a hard look at what’s going on inside your closets, laundry room, and mudroom. Things accumulate constantly and maybe it’s a good time to purge.

  • Create an easy closet makeover by getting hangers of the same kind for a uniform look. Organize your clothes by type and color so it’s easy to “shop your closet” for the perfect outfit. If you aren’t sure what to purge, turn your hangers the wrong way. Each time you wear something and hang it back up, turn the hangers the right way. At the end of the season, you’ll know what you’ve actually worn and what to donate to a charity shop.
  • Has your home office become overwhelmed with unopened mail and other junk and gotten out of control? Organize it by purging junk mail first, and then set up an attractive filing system. Hide ugly stuff in drawers and allow nicer looking items to be seen on desk and open shelving.

  • And, if your interior design needs to be refreshed, don’t be afraid to change out bedding and pillows, and rotate your accessories to different rooms for a new look.