Second Home Shopping

Catherine Davin
Mar 24, 2015

The thermometer is taking its time this year to hit 70, but that hasn't stopped me from planning summer outdoor spaces for my current design projects. I've also noticed around this time every year, the second home market becomes a lot more appealing to people who are planning to escape for the summer. Whether you dream of a beautiful lake house, a beach house, or a house in the mountains, a second vacation home can be a worthwhile investment and a place for your family to reconnect. We've been privileged over the years to design several very beautiful second homes for our clients. If you're anything like me and dare to dream of an escape for your family, you'll probably love this "Best Properties On The Market" column I like to follow in The Week. The column rounds up current homes on the market in various niches. Some are by location. Some are by features. Here are a few recent properties that would make great vacation homes:

The Epitome of Southwest Living…


And A Few Historic Homes…

Check out this week’s list: 6 Homes With Cinematic History.

If you want to find your dream home, you might also want to go over to The Robb Report and search luxury dream properties…but fair warning, it’s addictive!

If a second home isn’t feasible for your family, there are easy ways to make your home a great place for entertaining. You’ve probably heard of a “stay cation”. Check back soon for ideas to create outdoor spaces perfect for entertaining, entertainment room designs, and tips on creating a resort feel in your garden.