Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

Catherine Davin
Apr 8, 2019

I just returned from KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) in Las Vegas, where I was honored to be a Voices of the Industry Speaker! I'm so energized about new developments in the industry. Here are some of my favorites from the trade show.

Traditional finishes

Recent kitchen trends have emphasized trendy, unique materials, but 2019 is going back to the basics. Instead of modern materials, designers are incorporating more traditional resources like marble, wood, and concrete for a contemporary yet subdued look.

Storage walls

Wraparound counters and upper cabinets are disappearing. What’s replacing them? Floor-to-ceiling storage has seen a huge rise coming into 2019, with storage walls being a convenient and trendy solution for small spaces. Modern kitchens are keeping one wall of lower cabinets and counter space, but the rest will convert to be all storage. The consequential lost counter space can be made up for with a bigger island.

Less hardware

Hardware is slowly fading out of the picture as seamless cabinets and drawer edge pulls make their way in. This minimalist choice helps to call attention to the detail of cabinet doors and countertops. Designers are opting to splurge on attention-getters like marble countertops rather than rustic brass hardware detailing.

Concealed hoods

Statement range hoods are taking the back seat as trends point toward concealed ventilation. Hoods can be covered traditionally or even by cabinet fronts, making it disappear into the rest of the kitchen.

Shelved backsplashes

With the decline of upper cabinets comes a new storage solution: backsplashes with ledges and shelves. Statement backsplashes are also in, and with the added utility of shelving, this trend is both stylish and functional.

Curated collections

Trendsetters seem to be turning away from the overall minimalist look and bringing more personal items and collections into their kitchen space. This helps connect the area to the rest of the house, making it feel individualized and homey. Some of the touches that are helping create this mood are curated bookcases, vintage rugs, stoneware pottery, paneled shelving, and artwork.

In some ways, recent trends are diverting from the much-loved styles we’ve grown attached to; in others, things are quite the same, but just in an evolved state. We still have moments of minimalism and simplicity, but with personal touches; we might be moving away from upper cabinets, but islands and storage shelves are here to stay. Having trouble navigating your dream kitchen’s design? Davin would love to help. Contact us today to get started crafting your kitchen space.