The Perfect Luxury Master Bath

Catherine Davin
Aug 24, 2015

Originally published on LinkedIn The master bath of today is seen as more than just a bathroom. It is a spa experience, essential respite, and a sanctuary. And given the scope of their significance, luxury master baths are often allocated enormous square footage. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating the one you’re in, the master bathroom deserves special attention. High-end countertops, double sinks, and a separate tub and shower are the norm in luxury bathroom design, but as long as you’re dreaming, extra emphasis on luxury is worth your attention.

There is a lot to discuss with your designer when building a luxury master bath. You’ll think about things such as style and atmosphere, and when you’ve given thought to specific features you want to include, your designer will work with a plumber, an electrician, and other tradespersons to make it all happen for you. Consider these luxury options:


Deep soaking tubs and air tubs with massaging bubbles are both popular choices. We don’t really see many platform tubs anymore. Most tubs are freestanding or at least undermount. You can even add music, aromatherapy, and colored lighting along with your tub.


Whether it’s a quick rinse after a workout or a hot, steamy shower after a long day at work, stepping into your shower should feel like a true escape. And the stepping in itself should be a consideration: If you’re planning to stay in your dream home as you age, a low step or curbless shower can help you use the shower even when it’s more difficult for you to move. Walk-in showers have been part of several of our recent projects, and steam showers are more popular than ever. Steam showers are easy to use and can help alleviate stress, allergies, and sore muscles. Digital shower controls allow you to save your temperature preferences and other settings.

Shower Heads

Melissa Duger from Ferguson in Pittsburgh really likes the selection of Hansgrohe shower heads. Upon her recommendation, we’ve placed their Clubmaster style in several projects, and clients have been really happy. Showerhead styles vary; some people like a gentle rain and others want a vigorous massage. There are single faucet, handheld (adjustable to direct water right where you want it and easy to clean the shower too), rain head styles, and water saving styles to choose from.

Most master showers include a handheld –faucet – they are great for rinsing legs, cleaning the shower, and even washing dogs! I prefer the type with the sliding bar; they are easier to work with.

Shower Doors

There are a number of options for shower doors. You may like a walk-in shower with no “door” per se – which is usually a frameless glass door that can swing or slide. There are many styles to choose from.

Body sprays

Some clients still want to incorporate body sprays in the shower, but that number has declined over time. This is due to the fact that they body sprays tend to increase hot water usage, and many homeowners experience pressure issues.

Some of my favorite additions to the shower design are soap niches and benches. Create a wall niche for unsightly shampoo bottles and soap, and include a low shelf to be used as a leg stoop for shaving legs. The wall niche keeps clutter together and minimizes the mess of soap and shampoo bottles. The bench, whether a simple corner curved bench or a full size bench you can lay down on to enjoy the steam, is a great way to make the shower more relaxing.

Other luxury upgrades we typically have been including in recent projects are:

  • Radiant underfloor heating
  • Expansive use of wall mirrors
  • Heated towel bars
  • Bespoke light fixtures
  • Soft seating
  • TV screens installed in a mirror that look like a regular mirror when the TV is not on
  • Bidets
  • Motorized window treatments

There are endless beautiful finish options available for floors, walls, and countertops. , Consider choosing from marble, quartz, Dekton, porcelain, wood, limestone, metals, glass, and even precious stones such as turquoise and onyx. Truly: If you dream it, we can do it.

Dekton Aura calacatta look in bathroom

Dekton Aura calacatta look in bathroom

Tips for Designing Your Luxury Master Bath

Review your selections with your plumber to make sure your water lines and water heater can handle the increased capacity for what you’re planning. Be certain of the type of spray you want and need. Rain head faucets are very trendy, but not everyone likes them. They provide such a gentle flow of water that they are not always practical for rinsing a thick head of hair.

Don’t Be Afraid to Create Your Own Oasis

What creates a sense of escape is different for each person, and the design choices vary as much as individual taste. From floor-to-ceiling glass doors to rock walls with insets for candles to considering the view you have from your bathroom with large exterior windows, let your imagination be your guide. If you need inspiration, check out the Davin Interiors Luxury Showers Pinterest Board.

I love stone in the bathroom! A beautiful stone is a special gift from Mother Earth and makes the bathroom feel elegant and natural at the same time. You can add some candles and your spa paradise. Image source.

It’s called a dream home for a reason. Go ahead and dream! Davin does the rest. Contact us to discover how Davin’s comprehensive interior design services ease every step of your journey from dream — to dream home.