The Woman Cave

Catherine Davin
May 6, 2015

It’s May and Mother’s Day is around the corner. It’s a great month to celebrate all things woman, including incorporating some lady space in your new home design. We’ve talked about creating a modern man cave when you redesign your home, but creating her space is equally important.

Whether you create a combined his & her space or separate but equal spaces, one thing is certain: women are working harder than ever, and having a space in which to unwind, have a glass of wine, and forget all the troubles of the day require some special thought.

Woman Cave Furnishings

The key to the perfect woman cave is comfort and personality. Imagine coming home after a long day at the office and having a place to escape where you can kick off your shoes, pour a glass of wine, and curl up with a good book. Add an excellent sound system and some open space for meditation or yoga. Provide comfortable, inviting seating for gatherings with girlfriends. The space can even cater to your hobby, whether you’re working on your first novel, love to scrapbook in your downtime or paint masterpieces on the weekend.

Woman Cave Accessories

Accent pieces can make any space more attractive, but when you’re designing a woman cave, consider accessories like pillows, sheer curtains that let sunlight in, or candles that introduce your favorite fragrance to the space.

Woman Cave Color

While the man cave tends to be all leather and dark wood, woman caves are more likely to be completed with pastels and colors designed to create calm: lavender, yellow, cream, or light blue. Use a variety of colors and fabrics to set the mood, but choose a color you’ll love to be greeted by whenever you walk into the room.

Man caves are fabulous for watching the big game, eating nachos, and hosting parties, but if you need a place to escape and unwind, a woman cave may be the perfect solution. MommyNoire has a slideshow of inspirational woman cave ideas to inspire you.

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