Tips for Summer Entertaining

Catherine Davin
Aug 10, 2016

There's nothing I love more than summer get-togethers with family and friends. From laid-back afternoons spent sipping tea and sharing laughs to stylish summer dinner parties over cocktails, I enjoy just about everything - even the preparation! There are a few things that I think are essential to summer entertaining, no matter what the event. Here are some of my tips to help make your summer parties perfect!


Excellent Food

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To me, nothing says summer like a trip to the farmer’s market. Being surrounded by all of the wonderfully fresh produce and beautiful, vibrant colors of the food can inspire some fantastic creations in the kitchen.

I love having an airy, open kitchen for a lot of reasons, but one in particular is because I think cooking should be a shared activity. It’s always fun to cook with family and friends in the room so everyone can participate and socialize.

I also like to have fresh fruit out for snacking because not only is it easy, but it can look simply chic in a pretty serving bowl or on a platter. If I am planning on cooking a meal for the event, market fresh seafood is always the way to go. And don’t forget about dessert! One of my favorite summer treats is a strawberry rhubarb pie with a side of homemade ice cream – yum!


Cozy Conversation

Certainly the best thing about summer entertaining is the actual entertaining! I love spending time with family and friends, so it’s important for me to have plenty of seating options where everyone can relax and enjoy themselves – both indoors and out! (See my tips on outdoor decorating here.) Yet another reason why I think open floor plans are an excellent idea – everyone still feels a sense of togetherness as the spaces flow freely throughout the home.


Delicious Cocktails

Cool summer drinks are always on the menu when I have company coming over. There are plenty of excellent drink recipes that I love to make and serve in a pretty glass pitcher for guests like sangria, fruity cocktails, and my favorite, prosecco! It’s also fun to accessorize with straws and chic coasters to really make everything seem special. I recommend always having a few extra bottles of wine – both red and white – on hand at all times because you never want to run out of options!


Fun Activities

As the evening winds down, it’s nice to have a few additional activities planned to keep the fun going. S’mores are always a welcome idea. Sometimes I like to offer different options to mix it up like Reese’s peanut butter cups or white chocolate instead of the usual milk chocolate. It’s an easy way to make things memorable and special.

You could also plan a cozy sunset viewing party with blankets and drinks. Or set out a deck of cards and have fun playing games together the old fashioned way!

Summertime socializing is one of the best ways to spend the season. I hope you have some exciting plans for summer entertaining coming this month! Whether it’s a chic soirée or a casual hang in the backyard, make every moment count and cherish the fun times spent with the ones you love!