What’s Trending for 2016 in Interior Design?

Catherine Davin
Jan 25, 2016

Every year, we are excited to see what our clients will be inspired to include in their home designs. 2016 is going to be an exceptional year, with luxury driving the trends. Here are the most popular trends in upscale residential design: Master Suites Are the Place to Splurge.

Master suites are a huge splurge area, built with comfort and escape in mind. These spaces are designed with extra square footage to accommodate special indulgences, especially in the master bath. Luxury homeowners want extra-large bathrooms with luxury showers, steam rooms, and fabulous plumbing; custom closets designed specifically for the homeowners’ exact needs; and luxurious materials such as marble, stone, dekton and quartz. We’re working on a luxury home now that will offer an incredible shower experience.”

Entertainment Spaces

Entertainment spaces, both indoor and outdoor, are becoming more and more important. Kitchens are being designed as a gathering space rather than just utilitarian, often connecting to full blown outdoor entertainment spaces. From built-in grills and fully plumbed bars to high-end outdoor cabinetry and furniture, there is a huge emphasis on creating a highly personalized design.

Over-the-Top Kitchen Design

One of my favorite trends this year is luxury kitchens. Because kitchens are moving away from being utilitarian spaces and often are being designed as an extension of or seamless transition from the outdoor entertainment space, they’re getting luxurious attention, too. From beyond-beautiful custom cabinetry to upgraded plumbing and unique finishes in stone and wood, kitchens are transforming. Appliance shopping for these kitchens turns me into a kid in a candy store!

In the kitchen remodel we have underway right now, we’re tearing out the existing backsplash, hood and island. They’ll be replaced and the room will be repainted. I especially love the gorgeous copper hood from Signature Hardware.

Home Automation 

It’s amazing how much wire it takes to make a smart home. In this project we started last Spring, I was surprised by the sheer amount of hidden wiring that had to be dealt with during the process.

But home automation is a trend that will only become more popular; at some point it will be the standard for new homes. From temperature control to music throughout the home to security controlled from your phone or car no matter where you are in the world, new homes are being built smarter and older homes are being remodeled to be smarter. Some exciting new smart home trends were unveiled at CES2016, including disappearing TV screens and voice activation for nearly everything.

I’m delighted and excited by the 2016 home design trends I’m seeing. It’s going to be a fun year for home design and a great time to make your dreams come true.

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