Women Who Wine features Catherine of Davin Interiors

Catherine Davin
May 29, 2020

Last night, I was honored to be featured on The Musuneggi Financial Group's Women Who Wine (virtual!) panel. The session, entitled Home Is Where The Heart Is, Does Your Home Reflect Your Heart?, was such an enjoyable evening of discussion, education, and of course, wine! 

The panel of experts, listed below, discussed the latest trends in home design and answered questions about how to enhance a residential space.

Davin Interiors: Catherine Davin
Discover Organizing: Sandy Kutchman
Jackie von Thun Realty ONE Group: Jackie Von Thun

I’m so grateful to have been included, and a special thanks to The Musuneggi Financial Group for organizing and moderating the discussion. It’s always inspiring to speak with and support other female business owners, especially those in my local community.

See a few of my favorite questions and answers below.

What are the most popular trends in decorating today?

Right now, the design world is heavily influenced by our current state of affairs – that of course, being the global pandemic. Health and wellness within the home will only continue to explode. But even before a quarantine forced us all to spend time inside, there was a trend towards better utilizing all spaces of a home.

Outdoor living spaces, for example, are booming. We’ve evolved beyond the basic patio table and grill, and are building full outdoor kitchens, with separate dining areas, entertainment units, and soft seating. Similarly, there’s a huge focus on interior kitchens and master baths. The kitchen has become a family gathering space, versus the more utilitarian meal prep area of the past. A master bath can transform into a serene, home spa, where a client will unwind before bed each night.


Many seniors and retirees are looking for a simpler lifestyle. What decorating tips do you have to simplify but still beautify their home?

The single most influential action is to declutter your home. Most homes have way too much stuff. Take a weekend and sort through one area at a time. Eliminating clutter will immediately make a difference – it completely changes the energy of your space.

I also recommend using family-friendly finishes in your home. There are so many options for durable, easy-to-clean surfaces and materials that require little maintenance, but look beautiful for years.


What are your favorite items to use to accessorize a home?

I love natural elements in the home. I’m a huge advocate of live plants… avoid fake plants at all costs! Fresh flowers or indoor houseplants add so much energy – and natural fragrance – to a room.

Coffee table books are also a great accessory. They should be authentic, though, so you’ll flip through them when you have a few extra minutes. Think about what you love, and what’s meaningful to you. I have a client with a passion for antique cars, so we purchased a few coffee table books in that genre.

I’m also a big traveler. I will pick up a beautiful accessory on a trip, like a piece of art, to display in my home. Every time I pass by it, the object brings back wonderful memories of my travels.


When you enter someone’s home, what are those things that make you cringe?

The biggest thing for me is scale. I’ll often see a huge wall with one tiny piece of art, or art that’s placed too high on the wall. Area rugs are often way too small for a room. Sometimes, there’s way too much furniture squeezed into a tiny room, or a huge room without enough furniture. There are simple ways to fix issues with scale once you’re aware of the imbalance.