Beyond the Grill: Outdoor Living Spaces For Every Lifestyle

Written by Alex Davin

Spring is (finally!) around the corner – it’s a great time to consider your outdoor space. By working with an interior designer and landscape architect, an outdoor area can become an extension of your living space, perfect for entertaining and relaxing. We’re sharing inspiration for luxury outdoor living.

Urban Rooftop

Photo Credit: Joshua McHugh

If you’re tight on space, you can still create a beautiful outdoor area by incorporating greenery and comfortable seating. A designer can help you create your oasis while considering weather conditions, ensuring pieces are sturdy and will hold up against rain, wind and intense sunlight.

Tropical Paradise

Photo Credit: Thomas Loof

Not only is this covered outdoor vignette stunning, but it provides relief from the glaring sun and a place to enjoy the occasional summer rainstorm. The incorporation of soft, weatherproof fabric creates the feeling of a second living room that will withstand inclement conditions.

Cozy Rustic


For many, enjoying the outdoors is less glamorous pool party and more cozy night around the fire. A designer can help you achieve that feel, while maintaining high quality and thoughtful touches. We love the addition of the pizza oven in this picturesque backyard.

Lush and Peaceful

Photo Credit: Annie Schlechter

This private, peaceful outdoor area is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Using a beautiful Sunbrella fabric ensures comfort and sophistication, while providing exceptional protection from weather. A key to luxury outdoor living is finding the balance between style and durability.

Luxury Al Fresco

Photo Credit: Leon Winkowski

For the home chef, consider creating a space to enjoy a delicious meal al fresco. For this pool house project, our team designed a luxury kitchen that seamlessly opened to the pool deck, creating a functional open-air dining area.