Spring Awakening: Freshen Up Your Space

Written by Alex Davin

Naturally add a touch of color and cleansing power

Photo Credit: Alex Papachristidis

Adding citrus – think lemons, limes or grapefruit – to a bowl in your kitchen or dining area provides a pop of natural color, and leaves a delicious scent in the air. Alex Papachristidis of Everyday Elegance also notes that, according to the feng shui practice, placing nine lemons in a bowl cleanses the home of any residual, negative energy.

Update your work from home space

Photo Credit: David Tsay

Amidst the shift towards remote work, many of us found ourselves adapting to home offices without much time to create an ideal workspace. As remote work becomes a more permanent fixture in our lives with flexible schedules likely to endure, it’s essential to prioritize decluttering and revitalizing your at-home office. Consider investing in a stylish desk and ergonomic chair, utilize decorative boxes to organize paperwork discreetly, and enhance the ambiance with attractive accessories to infuse the space with personality.